I'm Jannik, a nature photographer from southeast-Lower Saxony. After taking pictures of travel, landscapes and architecture for almost a decade, private changes in my life lead to a change in my photographic interests.


Nature photography means more than just choosing subjects in nature, it's a way of living for me. I feel a strong motivation to understand my environment to contribute to its conservation. I contribute to citizen science projects and support nature conservation organizations with my images.


I make my living as an engineer, not at last to fund this project. My fascination for technology is typical for me since my early childhood. This helps me also when it comes to ethical nature photography as it enables high resolution images from long distances and melting with my environment.


As nature photographer, I support nature protection organizations with my images. I share my observations with these organizations if they are of relevance.


I am member of NABU and GDT.


My main work is mostly concentrated around my homebase. I prefer to observe animals in their natural habitat and to observe their behavior. Long distance twitching birds is not preffered by me as it harms the environment and doesn't provide the best observations.


Nature is not a good for consumption, it needs to be protected. The strive for protection is more important than any possible image. This means for me to be careful in general, to stay on the ways in protected areas and to keep a good distance to shy animals or breeding birds.

I provide my images to nature conservation organizations free of charge if I get acknowleged as author. Please contact me via E-mail.